White and Black makes the perfect color pair for your minimalist design

Here is a blog about designing homes in black and white, which is perfect for any minimalist interior decorator. The post talks about how this particular interior design is meant for a soul who loves simplicity and one who thrives on having the parts of their house have a purposeful order. There are several pictures showing possible design ideas within this color scheme. There are black spiral stairs that are particularly visually pleasing.

Wood made modern and minimalist

This blog talks about how this house is furnished with items made of a blend of glass and wood. This makes the house have a rich and warm look among it being decorated with a clean and modern feel. The house has a open floor plan with a unique roof structure to the front entryway.

Modulnova Fly Kitchens

Here are two stunningly gorgeous pictures of Modulnova’s Fly Kitchen Collection. The top mage has a more industrial feel to the design and the bottom picture uses wood in a modern way. To view the photos click here.

Back in Black

The beautiful Schiffini kitchen from Alfredo Häberli, Mesa, has a new look for you. According to WorldConstructionNetwork.com, Mesa is now being made with a “black rubber finish displaying special matt lacquer with a soft-touch effect.” The Mesa kitchen is a spectacular kitchen to begin with and now by offering if with a new finish it may become more popular than it already is. To read the full article about the new design, click here.

Schiffini Going Old School

Some people are into completely modern looking kitchen and others are into a more nostalgic, while still modern, looking kitchens. Luckily, Schiffini is a designer that makes both types of kitchens. A short article from DesignAKitchen.com, “Retro Modern Kitchen by Schiffini,” includes some great pictures showing the retro modern style that you may be looking for. To glance at the short article and the pictures, click here.

Cabinets Galore

Is it possible for a kitchen to have too many cabinets? The German designer Gitta Gschwendtner doesn’t think so. According to an article from Architect Lines, “Schiffini, an island with drawers for the new kitchen cabinets,” the purpose of the kitchen with plenty of cabinets is, “to give a sculptural form to the growing demand for space to store food and kitchen cabinet items.” The design of the kitchen is remarkable and unlike anything I have ever seen before, but take a look for yourself here.

A Schiffini History Lesson

We all know Schiffini makes brilliant kitchen designs like Mesa and Cinqueterre, but most people don’t know about the history behind the company. Matteo Zaccagnino takes us on a journey through the Schiffini history with his article, “Enrico Schiffini.” In the article, Enrico speaks about his grandfather Gluseppe, who founded the company, and how he was able to find inspiration by looking at American kitchen design. To learn more about this fascinating company, click here.

Tally an EDIDA for Alfredo Häberli

Congratulations to Alfredo Häberli for winning an award at the 8th EDIDA (Elle Decoration International Design Awards) for his Mesa kitchen design made by Schiffini. To see why Mesa was chosen, click here.

McDuffee Design is a distributor of Schiffini kitchens in the U.S.

Lighting an Italian Kitchen

Lighting is a big part of the minimalist Italian kitchen that should be discussed thoroughly between you and your designer. Your first thought is probably to install the most modern lighting, but it’s actually wiser to think older. An article, “Modern Italian minimalist kitchen ideas” from Autojagja.com offers the idea of using lights that are made from “antique wrought iron.” To see what the article has to say about kitchen furniture, click here.

Calling all young designers

Where will you be come Design Week 2011?